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Discover Propoze v.1.10.0.

With every new app version release, we make sure to improve features and debug. Continue reading and find out what's new in v.1.10.0. of the Propoze app.


Proposal services reorder

Our proposal builder allows you to reorder service blocks, but we noticed an issue where reordering one service block affected reordering all of them. As this is fixed, you can continue building and reordering blocks as it suits you best.

Page title as proposal name

Once you publish a proposal, you can see that the page title is changed accordingly to your proposal name. But what happens while you are creating a proposal in the builder? You can see "Builder" as the title, and once you enter your proposal name and save the draft it will change to the proposal name.

Webpage title in Propoze
Webpage title

Company logo display

There was an issue with the company logo display on the published proposal preview. The user as an editor could see it, but it wasn't displaying for some users. We have fixed this, and now the company logo displays as it should.

Company information and logo in Propoze
Company information and logo

Users can click on the Propoze logo while previewing the proposal document and will be redirected to its landing page. This works like this for external users who are not logged in.

Clickable Propoze logo
Clickable Propoze logo

Warning message for offline mode

As an improvement, we added a message to warn you that you have lost your internet connection. Also, it warns you that you can not save changes while offline. Once you connect again, we will notify you that you can continue editing your proposal, and save changes.

Warning message in Propoze
Warning message

And some more updates to improve the Propoze app:

  • Fixed default VAT
  • Fixed unit calculation and type
  • Email field on client information modal is not required anymore
  • Limited “Forgotten password” requests to prevent form abuse

Do you have an improvement you would like us to consider? Feel free to contact us and share your ideas! :)

If you have any questions or need support, feel free to contact us at We'll get to you in no time!