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Stay up-to-date with the latest Propoze enhancements! Our Changelog section keeps you in the loop on all new features and improvements, ensuring you never miss out on the tools that make your proposals stand out.

With our latest Propoze update, we're rolling out a series of enhancements aimed at refining and expanding the platform's capabilities. These changes are designed to offer a more intuitive, customizable, and efficient experience for all our users, from freshening up our look to making our platform more accessible and user-friendly.

  • New Branding: Introduction of a new logo, typography, and colors.
  • New - Landing Page: Updated to reflect our new visual identity.
  • Dashboard Facelift: Enhanced user interface for a better experience.
  • Brand Customization: More options for personalizing your proposals.
  • New Onboarding Layout: Improved layout for new users.
  • Google Social Login: Added convenience with Google login.

FREE Plan Published Proposal Limit: Free plan users can now have up to 3 proposals published simultaneously. Proposals created before March 5, 2024, are exempt from this limit.

Introducing the "Table of Contents" Feature

Quickly and intuitively navigate any proposal using the Table of Contents sidebar. Become a Propoze Plus user today and start using our latest features.

Navigating large proposals just got a whole lot easier with our latest quality-of-life update: the "Table of Contents" feature. Say goodbye to endless scrolling.

This latest feature will help you with:

  • Ease of navigation - A handy table of contents, now sticky on the left side of your proposal, allows you to know exactly where you are at all times.
  • Control at your fingertips - You have the power to toggle the table of contents on or off, at your convenience.
  • Automatic visibility - The table of contents springs to life the moment you add your first block in the builder.
  • Interactive and intuitive - Clickable links in the table of contents offer a smooth scroll, taking you directly to the section you want.

πŸš€ Ready to try?

Dive into your next lengthy proposal and discover the newfound ease and efficiency our latest feature brings. Become a Propoze Plus user today and get the most out of Propoze with our Table of Content feature!

Your feedback fuels us

As always, your feedback is invaluable. Try out this new feature and let us know what you think! 🌟

Propoze Plus just got supercharged!

Propoze just got a new upgrade! In this latest version, we have added several new features for both free and Plus users. Check it out!

Since the launch of our Propoze Plus plan, we've been working on improving Propoze and adding several high-value features. It's safe to say – creating winning proposals has never been easier.

With the latest v2.3.4 update, there's a lot of new stuff for you to discover. Let's go into the details!

We've got some new features ready for you

Whether you're using our free plan or you've decided to hop on our Plus plan – there's something new we're sure you'll appreciate!

PDF export is now available in Free and Plus plans

Even though you can send your proposals via link, what if you want to send your proposal as a PDF document? Or simply if you want to print your offer? We've got the solution.

When viewing a published proposal, you can export it as a PDF directly from the preview page.

Want to send it to someone as an attachment? Use our single-page PDF export.

And if you want to print the proposal – simply use the multi-page PDF export and you'll get the print-ready version of your proposal.

You can create proposals twice as fast on mobile

Looking to use Propoze on the go? We've got you!

Until now, adding new sections when using the mobile proposal builder wasn't as easy and fluid as we would want it. Now – all you have to do is tap on the block you want to add – and that's it!

File & media attachments will help you enrich your proposals

Want to give more context to your proposals? Now, this is possible in Propoze Plus with our file & media attachments.

You've done an audit and you think it would be a great addition to the proposal? Or do you want to send your presentation along with the proposal? Just attach it and your clients will see it instantly when viewing your proposal.

We've done our best to support a vast array of file formats, but you'll be happy to know that we've included support for PDFs, jpeg, png, xlsx, csv, mp4, and more most-used formats.

Keep in mind, there is a size limit. You can upload up to 10MB of files and media per proposal. This means, if you want to upload just one file that's 10MB – you can.

Important to note here - this is a Plus feature. Including media and file attachments in proposals is not available to users using the Free plan. To unlock this feature, visit our pricing page and upgrade to the Plus plan.

You'll never start from scratch again!

Starting a proposal from scratch can sometimes be a bit too much. Especially if you're not 100% sure how you want the proposal to look.

When you create an account, we'll help you get started with our prepared example.

When you open this "example" proposal, you'll see exactly how to arrange your own and how all the proposal builder features work.

The best thing is - you can create a template from this proposal with just a single click.

There's a lot more coming soon to Propoze

One thing is sure - these features are just the tip of the iceberg. We've got a ton more in development and we're excited to wrap it all up.

Also, as we move on, we intend to keep Propoze 100% bug-free. Whenever you use Propoze, you can have peace of mind, knowing that the tool works 100% of the time.

But if you still haven't – create your Propoze account today and get those sales deals closed much faster!

You have an improvement in mind you'd like us to consider? Or you have a few questions you need answered? Reach out to us via and let us know – we'll get to you in no time!

In this changelog, we have a few big things to announce. We've been working diligently on delivering an enhanced proposal creation experience – and we've done it. With this v2.0.12 update - Propoze got a lot more powerful.

Let's take a deep dive and find out what's all the fuss about.

The new subscription plan is live!

Let's address the elephant in the room right away.

We've made some overall improvements to the app, but the biggest news is that – Propoze Plus is now available!

In our new subscription plan, we've included some extra features we're sure you'll love to use:

  • Private proposals
  • One-click proposal acceptance

Here's a clear overview of our subscription plans.

Propoze pricing plans

Clients can accept (or deny) your proposal with a single click

In our new Propoze Plus plan, you can now enable your clients to accept your proposals with just a single click. No emails needed, no calls, no meetings – all it takes is one click and you can start with your work.

When you sign up for Propoze Plus and send your clients a proposal, they will have this one-click option available by default.

Propoze one-click proposal acceptance feature

However, if you're still using our Free plan, you'll need to upgrade to access this feature.

Proposals don't last forever - there is an expiration date

Every proposal comes with an expiration date. By default, once you create and publish a proposal, there is a 30-day period in which your proposal is valid.

And when it expires, you'll get instantly notified. In that situation, there are three options to take:

  • You can terminate the proposal and move on to the next one
  • You can notify the client that the proposal is expired/going to expire
  • You can change the proposal expiry date

Above, you can see how to change the proposal expiry date.

This feature comes in extremely useful when:

  • It's time to follow up with a client
  • You want to notify the client that your prices are time-sensitive
  • You're negotiating with a client
  • Your team is planning and budgeting

Keep your proposals private

Another great feature that Propoze Plus users will enjoy using is – private proposals.

Now, users can choose whether they want their proposal to be public or protected.

If you choose to have a protected proposal, you'll need to add other users to the invitation list so they can preview the proposal. And before they do preview it, they'll be properly authorized.

Check the image below to see what a protected proposal looks like.

Propoze Plus feature - private proposals

Preview your proposal draft

Here's something new! If you're creating a public draft, you're the only one who can access it and make changes.

However, if the draft is protected (Plus users only), the owner and the users added to the invitation list can preview the proposal draft.

This is great if you're working with a few team members on a larger proposal draft - and can be a great solution for some ad hoc changes after your clients' input.

Install Propoze on your device!

Finally, you can install Propoze on your device!

All you have to do is click on this button in your URL bar.

Voila! Propoze is now available directly from your computer – no need for opening a browser to start creating a proposal.

New design changes on mobile and desktop screens

We have some new things for our desktop users. There are several changes made to our buttons, illustrations, footer, search bar, menu, and so on.

Our mobile experience got a lot better too! Propoze is now easier to navigate than ever before – and there's a completely new mobile layout for:

  • Mobile dashboard
  • Mobile preview page
  • User authentication

Overall, we've made sure that Propoze is even easier to use now – and that it's a more pleasant and welcoming experience.

You can use Propoze even when you're offline

Imagine you're working on an important proposal, but a sudden power outage messes with your plans. Or you're trying to work on some last-minute changes while commuting to the office.

In both scenarios, being able to use the offline mode makes the whole difference. Remember - even if your WiFi isn't working, Propoze won't let you down.

Even if offline, you can work on your proposal, save your progress, and keep working on it once the internet connection is back.

Here are a few more improvements and bugfixes

We've been really busy for the last few months - and here are a few more things we managed to achieve:

  • We've introduced a new pricing page and revamped our homepage
  • All libraries in the code have been updated
  • Images are now being loaded through <img> tags instead of SVG, this has reduced the bundle size of the app from 2.3MB to 770KB

And if you still haven't, click here to create your Propoze account today!

You have an improvement in mind you'd like us to consider? Or you have a few questions you need answered? Reach out to us via and let us know – we'll get to you in no time!

Unleash the Power of Propoze: Introducing Propoze v1.15.13

Find out what's new in Propoze, how new features can help you create better proposals, and how we improved app performance.

In this changelog, we're excited to share the new features and bug fixes we've been working on. With this update, we've made Propoze even more powerful and user-friendly. So without further ado, let's dive in and take a closer look at what's new in Propoze version 1.15.13.

New button flow for saving proposals

We've added a new button flow for saving and updating proposals, which prevents users from accidentally saving incomplete proposals or saving the same proposal twice. When the proposal is successfully saved, the button turns green and displays a confirmation message.

First, try to create a new proposal.

Creating a new proposal in Propoze

After entering the required inputs, the button is ready for saving.

Saving new proposal input in Propoze app

While the proposal is saving, a loading button is shown.

Saving a proposal in proposal builder in Propoze - loading animation

After you successfully save the proposal, it gets a status button.

How to save a proposal in Propoze - draft saved

For different states of a proposal, you get a different status message in the button.

Reorder units

We are introducing the ability to reorder units in Propoze. Units can now be easily rearranged on the Units page to adjust their display order in the select list in the proposal builder.

Reordering units in Propoze app settings

As the user reorders them in the list, they’re displayed in that order in the proposal builder.

Reordering units in proposal builder in Propoze app

To wrap up this changelog post, here are some more improvements and bugfixes:

  • Modals with required inputs are autofocused for improved user experience
  • Improved loading state of pages
  • Improved modals
  • Added pagination for lists
  • Improved publishing errors with a rich text editor in the builder

Have an improvement you would like us to consider? Feel free to contact us and share your ideas! :)

If you have any questions or need support, feel free to contact us at We'll get to you in no time!

What new Propoze app version brings?

In this article, you can read about the improvements and bug fixes released in version 1.13.2. of the Propoze app.

The onboarding process split

If you have your Propoze account, you may remember the process of setting up your account. Since there is a lot of information, we decided it would be easier and more user friendly to split this process into a few steps. So now, after creating an account, you can set up your company data in a few steps.

Start by setting up your company name and logo.

Onboarding process in Propoze app
Onboarding process

Then, you can fill out all information about the company address.

Onboarding process in Propoze app
Onboarding process

And as the last step, you get to set up your tax information.

Onboarding process in Propoze app
Onboarding process

You can always edit your company information in the settings of your account. You can find out more instructions about the company account setup here.

Improved mobile experience

Propoze is performant on all devices, and we continuously make improvements so it runs smooth and fast on mobile devices. One of the challenges we faced was an issue with a rich text editor for Android operating devices. Since we improved this, you can create or edit your proposals without any difficulties. In addition to that, we have improved the styling of the proposal preview on mobile devices.

To wrap up this changelog post, here are some more improvements and bugfixes:

  • Form guard activates if you have an unsaved cover image
  • Fixing numeric input fields and forbidding any text input
  • Styling fix of the Client and Currency filed in the proposal builder
  • Improved styling of deletion modal to fit the name of the account

Have an improvement you would like us to consider? Feel free to contact us and share your ideas! :)

If you have any questions or need support, feel free to contact us at We'll get to you in no time!

Discover a new, improved version of the Propoze app

In this article, you can learn more about improvements and new features included in v.1.12.0. of the Propoze app.

Save your data

We have added a form guard to keep you safe from losing data when adding or editing clients, services or units data. If you forget to click on the "Save" button or click outside of the modal by accident, a form guard will pop up and inform you about the unsaved changes. So, while managing your data, you can be sure that no change will pass under the radar.

Managing data in Propoze dashboard
Managing data in Propoze dashboard 

Don't miss out while creating

Our proposal builder has a new set of warning messages that will inform you if you delete a client, service or unit from a database and try to save changes in the proposal builder. We created this set of warnings to remind you if you are trying to save changes with old data that no longer exists.

Proposal builder in Propoze
Proposal builder in Propoze

Improved styling

We made styling fixes on the management part of the dashboard, so your client, service, and unit list have all information and action buttons aligned. This improvement also relates to the long proposal titles, keeping action buttons position and functionalities unaffected.

And few more updates to make it better:

  • Sign up page - we added a password validation and removed the 'Forgot password' link
  • Footer - changes in the content and styling fixes
  • Icons - changes in the icons naming

Have an improvement you would like us to consider? Feel free to contact us and share your ideas! :)

If you have any questions or need support, feel free to contact us at We'll get to you in no time!

What's improved for v.1.11.2 of the Propoze app?

What's new, and how it can benefit your proposal creation and management time?

Find the answer in the overview of the improvements and bug fixes made for v.1.11.2. of the Propoze app.

User e-mail display

If you click on your company name, you will see your e-mail address displayed. Clicking on it, you can easily access your company page and edit general information. Also, we are working on the My Account page with extra possibilities, and it will be available soon.

Added client address information

New fields have been added to the client modal regarding address information. So now, you can add data for:

  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • City
  • Postal code
  • State
  • Country

This way, you can easily manage client addresses while creating a proposal or edit their info in the client section on the dashboard.

Add new client modal in Propoze
Add new client modal

Client information display on proposal preview

This improvement adds to the previous one regarding the client information modal. We had to rearrange the client information display on the proposal preview. So now, you have client information grouped as general and address information, making it more clear in the preview.

Client information on proposal preview in Propoze
Client information on proposal preview 

Form guard improvements

We had minor issues with the form guard functionality, but it is all fixed now, and the form guard is working on every device you might use. We got to make sure you don't lose any of the changes made to the proposal document.

And few more updates to make it better:

  • Fixed scroll in builder - if you add a new block in builder the focus will be on it
  • Fixed pagination - the last page is empty in some rare cases
  • Fixed proposal preview for logged in users
  • Minor content updates

Have an improvement you would like us to consider? Feel free to contact us and share your ideas! :)

If you have any questions or need support, feel free to contact us at We'll get to you in no time!

What's new in the Propoze app?

We added a new feature that improves your proposal management. Here's what's new and improved in the latest version 1.11.0 of our Propoze app.

Dashboard search option

Looking for a specific proposal? Use Propoze's dashboard search option and quickly find what you are looking for. Start typing the keyword of your proposal name, and find your proposal in the search results.

For example, type "UX", and you will get a drop-down with results of all the proposals that have "UX" in their name.

Dashboard search option in Propoze app
Dashboard search option

As the video demonstrates, once you click the proposal from the search result drop-down, you will be redirected to that proposal where you can edit it or take other actions.

Pro-tip: Use "TAB" on your keyboard to quickly scroll through the results and hit "ENTER" to get to that proposal even faster.

Stay tuned because we are working on the upgrade to include more possibilities of search.

And there's more:

  • Company information page added - Mostly legal stuff
  • Country drop-down keyboard shortcut fixed - Hitting enter now applies the country selection
  • No more disposable emails for new account creation

Have an improvement you would like us to consider? Feel free to contact us and share your ideas! :)

If you have any questions or need support, feel free to contact us at We'll get to you in no time!

Discover Propoze v.1.10.0.

With every new app version release, we make sure to improve features and debug. Continue reading and find out what's new in v.1.10.0. of the Propoze app.

Proposal services reorder

Our proposal builder allows you to reorder service blocks, but we noticed an issue where reordering one service block affected reordering all of them. As this is fixed, you can continue building and reordering blocks as it suits you best.

Page title as proposal name

Once you publish a proposal, you can see that the page title is changed accordingly to your proposal name. But what happens while you are creating a proposal in the builder? You can see "Builder" as the title, and once you enter your proposal name and save the draft it will change to the proposal name.

Webpage title in Propoze
Webpage title

Company logo display

There was an issue with the company logo display on the published proposal preview. The user as an editor could see it, but it wasn't displaying for some users. We have fixed this, and now the company logo displays as it should.

Company information and logo in Propoze
Company information and logo

Users can click on the Propoze logo while previewing the proposal document and will be redirected to its landing page. This works like this for external users who are not logged in.

Clickable Propoze logo
Clickable Propoze logo

Warning message for offline mode

As an improvement, we added a message to warn you that you have lost your internet connection. Also, it warns you that you can not save changes while offline. Once you connect again, we will notify you that you can continue editing your proposal, and save changes.

Warning message in Propoze
Warning message

And some more updates to improve the Propoze app:

  • Fixed default VAT
  • Fixed unit calculation and type
  • Email field on client information modal is not required anymore
  • Limited β€œForgotten password” requests to prevent form abuse

Do you have an improvement you would like us to consider? Feel free to contact us and share your ideas! :)

If you have any questions or need support, feel free to contact us at We'll get to you in no time!

What is new in the Propoze app?

Discover what we've worked on and what novelties are waiting for you in the Propoze app v.1.9.0.

Decimal number input

There were difficulties with the recognition and input of the decimal number values in the builder. We have fixed this, and you can now input a decimal number using the dot (.) symbol.

Here is one example of how to do it:

Decimal number input example in Propoze
Decimal number input example 

As you can see in the picture, we have entered 3.5 hours (quantity) and the price of 25.50 EUR per hour.

Autofocus & save

We have noticed that autofocus will scroll you down the proposal document after clicking on the save button. This functionality is improved, and you can now click on the save button and use other functions without autofocus getting in your way.

Adding and selecting units, services and clients

There were some difficulties with proposals saving and publishing after adding new clients/units/services in the builder. We have fixed this, and you can add a new client/unit/service while creating a proposal and save a draft afterwards.

Service drop-down menu selection in Propoze
Service drop-down menu selection

In addition to this functionality, we improved the drop-down menu navigation. So, from now you can use your navigation cursor key and choose your service/unit/client easier.

Form guard functionality

To keep you from losing your proposal draft, we have improved form guard functionality. In other words, the form guard will inform you that you might have some unsaved changes if you try to go back to the dashboard or exit your document.

Form guard message in Propoze
Form guard message

Message for maximum cover image size

We improved our message for maximum cover image size. So, if you try to upload a picture bigger than 2MB, you will see this message on your screen.

Warning message in Propoze
Warning message

And some more updates to make the Propoze app better:

  • Blog and social media links added to the footer
  • Proposal preview header fixes
  • Delete account improvements
  • Number input fixes
  • Updates on Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions page

You have an improvement you would like us to consider? Feel free to contact us and share your ideas! :)

If you have any questions or need support, feel free to contact us at We'll get to you in no time!

Propoze got a new, improved version

Check out improvements released in the new version 1.8.1 of the Propoze app.

As Propoze is a product in its early stages, we are committed to searching for improvements and making the best of it. In all of that, your feedback is of great importance.

Form validation improvements

We improved the form validation system, and you will get a warning message if the required field is empty. Let's see what happens if you, for example, forgot to choose a currency and want to save the draft.

Example of a warning message in Propoze
Example of a warning message

The message will disappear once you enter or choose the content, making you sure to have all the necessary information filled out.

Delete confirmation modals

To prevent situations where you accidentally delete the content, we made a confirmation modal. This allows you to confirm or cancel the deleting action.

If you want to delete your service/client/unit, you will see this:

Delete confirmation modal in Propoze
Delete confirmation modal 

Similar to this, if you want to delete a section (service, heading, or rich text) from a proposal builder, you will get this:

Delete confirmation modal in Propoze
Delete confirmation modal 

Security and data tracking improvement

In addition to our Privacy Policy and GDPR, you can opt out of tracking your behavior data. In, other words you can click on "I decline" in our Cookie consent message, and we won't track any of your data.

Cookie consent message in Propoze
Cookie consent message 

As another improvement, we added a content security policy to ensure that your private data is completely safe while using our app.

Currency localization

We have covered all existing currencies in our Propoze currency selector, and now we have added their localization. For example, if you choose euro it will display with its symbol (€) on the proposal.

Currency localization in Propoze
Currency localization

Delete account possibility

We added a possibility to delete the Propoze account, and you can find this option in your account settings. As for every deleting action, you will get a confirmation modal to confirm or cancel the action.

Delete account in Propoze
Delete account

NOTE - this action is irreversible, and if you choose to delete your account, you won't be able to restore it.

And a bit more polishing actions like:

  • Styling updates and improved user experience for mobile devices
  • Fixed flashing bugs on public proposal pages

What do you think of these improvements? We are waiting on your feedback and ideas! :)

If you have any questions or need support, feel free to contact us at and we'll get to you in no time!

The v.1.7 release has some quality of life changes we hope you'll like. Also, we added bug fixes and performance updates for the measure.

Add services, clients, and units on the fly

From now on, new services, clients, and units can be added on the fly,
although they are still accessible via the dashboard. This way you don't need to go back and forth every time you write your proposal.

Add new services, units and clients in proposal editor in Propoze app
Add new services, units and clients directly on the proposal page.

Duplicate proposal

Sometimes it's best to reuse what you already have. Therefore, you can now "Duplicate proposal" via dashboard and while on the published proposal page.

Duplicate proposal option in Propoze app
Duplicate a proposal anywhere.

Get notified about important actions

We all need confirmation that the action we made happened. That's why we added some nice-looking toast messages. They disappear after a short while, don't worry.

Message toast notifications in Propoze app
Message toasts everywhere.


We added pagination to speed up the loading time and improve overall performance.

Bug fixes and performance updates

  • Public offer loading time greatly improved (near-instant loading)
  • Rich text editor performance

Go check it out on and be sure to leave us feedback.