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What new Propoze app version brings?

In this article, you can read about the improvements and bug fixes released in version 1.13.2. of the Propoze app.


The onboarding process split

If you have your Propoze account, you may remember the process of setting up your account. Since there is a lot of information, we decided it would be easier and more user friendly to split this process into a few steps. So now, after creating an account, you can set up your company data in a few steps.

Start by setting up your company name and logo.

Onboarding process in Propoze app
Onboarding process

Then, you can fill out all information about the company address.

Onboarding process in Propoze app
Onboarding process

And as the last step, you get to set up your tax information.

Onboarding process in Propoze app
Onboarding process

You can always edit your company information in the settings of your account. You can find out more instructions about the company account setup here.

Improved mobile experience

Propoze is performant on all devices, and we continuously make improvements so it runs smooth and fast on mobile devices. One of the challenges we faced was an issue with a rich text editor for Android operating devices. Since we improved this, you can create or edit your proposals without any difficulties. In addition to that, we have improved the styling of the proposal preview on mobile devices.

To wrap up this changelog post, here are some more improvements and bugfixes:

  • Form guard activates if you have an unsaved cover image
  • Fixing numeric input fields and forbidding any text input
  • Styling fix of the Client and Currency filed in the proposal builder
  • Improved styling of deletion modal to fit the name of the account

Have an improvement you would like us to consider? Feel free to contact us and share your ideas! :)

If you have any questions or need support, feel free to contact us at We'll get to you in no time!