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Propoze Plus has officially launched!


In this changelog, we have a few big things to announce. We've been working diligently on delivering an enhanced proposal creation experience – and we've done it. With this v2.0.12 update - Propoze got a lot more powerful.

Let's take a deep dive and find out what's all the fuss about.

The new subscription plan is live!

Let's address the elephant in the room right away.

We've made some overall improvements to the app, but the biggest news is that – Propoze Plus is now available!

In our new subscription plan, we've included some extra features we're sure you'll love to use:

  • Private proposals
  • One-click proposal acceptance

Here's a clear overview of our subscription plans.

Propoze pricing plans

Clients can accept (or deny) your proposal with a single click

In our new Propoze Plus plan, you can now enable your clients to accept your proposals with just a single click. No emails needed, no calls, no meetings – all it takes is one click and you can start with your work.

When you sign up for Propoze Plus and send your clients a proposal, they will have this one-click option available by default.

Propoze one-click proposal acceptance feature

However, if you're still using our Free plan, you'll need to upgrade to access this feature.

Proposals don't last forever - there is an expiration date

Every proposal comes with an expiration date. By default, once you create and publish a proposal, there is a 30-day period in which your proposal is valid.

And when it expires, you'll get instantly notified. In that situation, there are three options to take:

  • You can terminate the proposal and move on to the next one
  • You can notify the client that the proposal is expired/going to expire
  • You can change the proposal expiry date

Above, you can see how to change the proposal expiry date.

This feature comes in extremely useful when:

  • It's time to follow up with a client
  • You want to notify the client that your prices are time-sensitive
  • You're negotiating with a client
  • Your team is planning and budgeting

Keep your proposals private

Another great feature that Propoze Plus users will enjoy using is – private proposals.

Now, users can choose whether they want their proposal to be public or protected.

If you choose to have a protected proposal, you'll need to add other users to the invitation list so they can preview the proposal. And before they do preview it, they'll be properly authorized.

Check the image below to see what a protected proposal looks like.

Propoze Plus feature - private proposals

Preview your proposal draft

Here's something new! If you're creating a public draft, you're the only one who can access it and make changes.

However, if the draft is protected (Plus users only), the owner and the users added to the invitation list can preview the proposal draft.

This is great if you're working with a few team members on a larger proposal draft - and can be a great solution for some ad hoc changes after your clients' input.

Install Propoze on your device!

Finally, you can install Propoze on your device!

All you have to do is click on this button in your URL bar.

Voila! Propoze is now available directly from your computer – no need for opening a browser to start creating a proposal.

New design changes on mobile and desktop screens

We have some new things for our desktop users. There are several changes made to our buttons, illustrations, footer, search bar, menu, and so on.

Our mobile experience got a lot better too! Propoze is now easier to navigate than ever before – and there's a completely new mobile layout for:

  • Mobile dashboard
  • Mobile preview page
  • User authentication

Overall, we've made sure that Propoze is even easier to use now – and that it's a more pleasant and welcoming experience.

You can use Propoze even when you're offline

Imagine you're working on an important proposal, but a sudden power outage messes with your plans. Or you're trying to work on some last-minute changes while commuting to the office.

In both scenarios, being able to use the offline mode makes the whole difference. Remember - even if your WiFi isn't working, Propoze won't let you down.

Even if offline, you can work on your proposal, save your progress, and keep working on it once the internet connection is back.

Here are a few more improvements and bugfixes

We've been really busy for the last few months - and here are a few more things we managed to achieve:

  • We've introduced a new pricing page and revamped our homepage
  • All libraries in the code have been updated
  • Images are now being loaded through <img> tags instead of SVG, this has reduced the bundle size of the app from 2.3MB to 770KB

And if you still haven't, click here to create your Propoze account today!

You have an improvement in mind you'd like us to consider? Or you have a few questions you need answered? Reach out to us via and let us know – we'll get to you in no time!