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Propoze got even better with v.1.7.0


The v.1.7 release has some quality of life changes we hope you'll like. Also, we added bug fixes and performance updates for the measure.

Add services, clients, and units on the fly

From now on, new services, clients, and units can be added on the fly,
although they are still accessible via the dashboard. This way you don't need to go back and forth every time you write your proposal.

Add new services, units and clients in proposal editor in Propoze app
Add new services, units and clients directly on the proposal page.

Duplicate proposal

Sometimes it's best to reuse what you already have. Therefore, you can now "Duplicate proposal" via dashboard and while on the published proposal page.

Duplicate proposal option in Propoze app
Duplicate a proposal anywhere.

Get notified about important actions

We all need confirmation that the action we made happened. That's why we added some nice-looking toast messages. They disappear after a short while, don't worry.

Message toast notifications in Propoze app
Message toasts everywhere.


We added pagination to speed up the loading time and improve overall performance.

Bug fixes and performance updates

  • Public offer loading time greatly improved (near-instant loading)
  • Rich text editor performance

Go check it out on and be sure to leave us feedback.