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New looks all the way


With our latest Propoze update, we're rolling out a series of enhancements aimed at refining and expanding the platform's capabilities. These changes are designed to offer a more intuitive, customizable, and efficient experience for all our users, from freshening up our look to making our platform more accessible and user-friendly.

  • New Branding: Introduction of a new logo, typography, and colors.
  • New - Landing Page: Updated to reflect our new visual identity.
  • Dashboard Facelift: Enhanced user interface for a better experience.
  • Brand Customization: More options for personalizing your proposals.
  • New Onboarding Layout: Improved layout for new users.
  • Google Social Login: Added convenience with Google login.

FREE Plan Published Proposal Limit: Free plan users can now have up to 3 proposals published simultaneously. Proposals created before March 5, 2024, are exempt from this limit.