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What is new in the Propoze app?

Discover what we've worked on and what novelties are waiting for you in the Propoze app v.1.9.0.


Decimal number input

There were difficulties with the recognition and input of the decimal number values in the builder. We have fixed this, and you can now input a decimal number using the dot (.) symbol.

Here is one example of how to do it:

Decimal number input example in Propoze
Decimal number input example 

As you can see in the picture, we have entered 3.5 hours (quantity) and the price of 25.50 EUR per hour.

Autofocus & save

We have noticed that autofocus will scroll you down the proposal document after clicking on the save button. This functionality is improved, and you can now click on the save button and use other functions without autofocus getting in your way.

Adding and selecting units, services and clients

There were some difficulties with proposals saving and publishing after adding new clients/units/services in the builder. We have fixed this, and you can add a new client/unit/service while creating a proposal and save a draft afterwards.

Service drop-down menu selection in Propoze
Service drop-down menu selection

In addition to this functionality, we improved the drop-down menu navigation. So, from now you can use your navigation cursor key and choose your service/unit/client easier.

Form guard functionality

To keep you from losing your proposal draft, we have improved form guard functionality. In other words, the form guard will inform you that you might have some unsaved changes if you try to go back to the dashboard or exit your document.

Form guard message in Propoze
Form guard message

Message for maximum cover image size

We improved our message for maximum cover image size. So, if you try to upload a picture bigger than 2MB, you will see this message on your screen.

Warning message in Propoze
Warning message

And some more updates to make the Propoze app better:

  • Blog and social media links added to the footer
  • Proposal preview header fixes
  • Delete account improvements
  • Number input fixes
  • Updates on Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions page

You have an improvement you would like us to consider? Feel free to contact us and share your ideas! :)

If you have any questions or need support, feel free to contact us at We'll get to you in no time!