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Propoze Plus just got supercharged!

Propoze just got a new upgrade! In this latest version, we have added several new features for both free and Plus users. Check it out!


Since the launch of our Propoze Plus plan, we've been working on improving Propoze and adding several high-value features. It's safe to say – creating winning proposals has never been easier.

With the latest v2.3.4 update, there's a lot of new stuff for you to discover. Let's go into the details!

We've got some new features ready for you

Whether you're using our free plan or you've decided to hop on our Plus plan – there's something new we're sure you'll appreciate!

PDF export is now available in Free and Plus plans

Even though you can send your proposals via link, what if you want to send your proposal as a PDF document? Or simply if you want to print your offer? We've got the solution.

When viewing a published proposal, you can export it as a PDF directly from the preview page.

Want to send it to someone as an attachment? Use our single-page PDF export.

And if you want to print the proposal – simply use the multi-page PDF export and you'll get the print-ready version of your proposal.

You can create proposals twice as fast on mobile

Looking to use Propoze on the go? We've got you!

Until now, adding new sections when using the mobile proposal builder wasn't as easy and fluid as we would want it. Now – all you have to do is tap on the block you want to add – and that's it!

File & media attachments will help you enrich your proposals

Want to give more context to your proposals? Now, this is possible in Propoze Plus with our file & media attachments.

You've done an audit and you think it would be a great addition to the proposal? Or do you want to send your presentation along with the proposal? Just attach it and your clients will see it instantly when viewing your proposal.

We've done our best to support a vast array of file formats, but you'll be happy to know that we've included support for PDFs, jpeg, png, xlsx, csv, mp4, and more most-used formats.

Keep in mind, there is a size limit. You can upload up to 10MB of files and media per proposal. This means, if you want to upload just one file that's 10MB – you can.

Important to note here - this is a Plus feature. Including media and file attachments in proposals is not available to users using the Free plan. To unlock this feature, visit our pricing page and upgrade to the Plus plan.

You'll never start from scratch again!

Starting a proposal from scratch can sometimes be a bit too much. Especially if you're not 100% sure how you want the proposal to look.

When you create an account, we'll help you get started with our prepared example.

When you open this "example" proposal, you'll see exactly how to arrange your own and how all the proposal builder features work.

The best thing is - you can create a template from this proposal with just a single click.

There's a lot more coming soon to Propoze

One thing is sure - these features are just the tip of the iceberg. We've got a ton more in development and we're excited to wrap it all up.

Also, as we move on, we intend to keep Propoze 100% bug-free. Whenever you use Propoze, you can have peace of mind, knowing that the tool works 100% of the time.

But if you still haven't – create your Propoze account today and get those sales deals closed much faster!

You have an improvement in mind you'd like us to consider? Or you have a few questions you need answered? Reach out to us via and let us know – we'll get to you in no time!