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Getting Started

Customize your proposal

Discover what parts of the proposal you can customize and how to do it.

Propoze is designed to match your needs, and its best part is proposal builder. Take a look at the possibilities for customization.

Cover image

You can add a cover image of your choice while building a proposal.

Cover image in Propoze builder
Cover image in proposal builder

Adding a cover image will make your proposal stand out. The best option is to choose an image related to the topic of your proposal or business. Also, recommended image size is 1800 x 600 px in .jpeg, .png or svg. format.

Builder blocks

Propoze has 3 options for adding sections in the proposal builder - Add a service, Add a heading, or Add rich text. You can add them in order which suits you best, and as many times you need it.

Builder blocks in Propoze
Builder blocks 

The best part is that you can arrange their order by drag and drop. That leaves a space for editing and sorting whenever you need it. Also, you can delete every section or add a new one right below.

You can find an explanation about their purpose and parts here.

Company information

Wheater you are creating a proposal as a company or as an individual, your data will display at the bottom of the proposal preview.

Company information on proposal preview in Propoze
Company information on proposal preview

Adding a logo is optional, but it would give a nice personal touch to your proposal documents. Find more information about setting your account here.

Still don't have a Propoze account?
Start exploring the customization options for proposal creation.

If you have any questions or need support, feel free to contact us at and we'll get to you in no time!