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Getting Started

Share your proposal with a client

In this article, you will find out how to share a proposal with your client.

You can read all about how to Create your first proposal in Propoze, where we explained how to create and publish a proposal.

What comes next?

To start with, make sure that you published a proposal. After you click on "Publish" and confirm an action, your proposal editing will change a bit with a new set of functionalities.

Publish proposal in Propoze
Publish proposal 

Let's focus on the "Copy link" and "Preview" buttons;

  • Copy link - once you click on this button, the proposal link will copy to your clipboard. You can share the link with clients or coworkers, and they will see the proposal document.

If you choose this option, you will get a unique link to your published proposal. Here is an example of one.

  • Preview - if you click on this, you will see the proposal as your client with a shared link can see it. Notice that this is view only option, and anyone with a shared link can access it, but can not make any changes.

Here is a proposal preview example:

Proposal preview in Propoze
Proposal preview

You can do these two actions in the dashboard as well. Find your proposal in the "Published" proposals and choose the action.

Published proposal options in Propoze
Published proposal options 

Who can access your proposal?

Once you provide your client with a proposal link, you must acknowledge that anyone with that link can see a proposal.

But, a link is an access to the proposal as view only document, and no one but you can edit it or take other actions.

What happens if you make changes?

You can always edit your proposal, even after you publish it. If you make some changes, click on the "Save new version", and you will see a message of success.

Save new version in Propoze
Save new version 

The most important thing is that the link you shared with your client is the same, and the changes you made will be visible right away in the preview.

One of the possibilities you have is to unpublish the proposal. If you click on the "Unpublish" button, you will see this modal for action confirmation.

Unpublish proposal in Propoze
Unpublish proposal

If you agree to unpublish, your proposal will be made as a draft again. This means that your client can not access it anymore via the link you shared.

This will happen if a client (or anyone with the shared link) opens a proposal link after the "unpublish" action:

Preview of the "unpublished" proposal in Propoze
Preview of the "unpublished" proposal

You can also do this in your dashboard, under the "Published" proposals:

Unpublish proposal in Propoze
Unpublish proposal

We made an unpublish option to ease the process if you want to make your proposal unavailable for third parties to preview. But, don't worry, you can always republish your proposal if needed.

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