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AI Assistant

Real-time suggestions and assistance directly within our proposal builder.


Transform your proposal creation process with AI assistance.

Supercharge your proposal creation with the power of artificial intelligence, seamlessly integrated into Propoze. Using your OpenAI API key, this feature turns into your on-the-go buddy, offering help and ideas as you put together your proposals.

Think of the AI Assistant as your creative sidekick, making your work easier and your ideas brighter. Need the right words? Insights backed by data? Or tips to polish your proposal? Our AI is here to help. It’s like working with a top expert, powered by OpenAI's vast knowledge and skills.

Make your proposals stand out with AI’s touch. It helps from the get-go, turning your initial thoughts into polished gems, ensuring your projects grab your clients' attention. With the AI Assistant, every proposal is a step ahead - innovative and compelling.