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Team Plans

Additional seats for your team members.


Reimagine your team's workflow with Propoze multi-tenancy feature.

This feature will transform how your team works together on proposals, making everything smooth and connected.

Imagine a place where your whole team can jump in, share ideas, and keep track of all your proposals. That's what Team Plans are all about. We'll bring everything into one shared space, making it easier for your team to work together and stay aligned.

With Team Plans, everyone will know what's happening, ensuring your proposals are consistent and everyone’s moving in the same direction.

This means better proposals because you're pooling your team's knowledge and skills, crafting messages that hit the mark with your goals and your audience in mind.

A huge step toward simplifying how you work together. Poised to lift your team's proposal game, making each one a showcase of your collective talent and dedication to doing great work.